Rhita Sebti

Rhita Sebti

For centuries, the Babouche shoes the Middle East, berbers in the dust of the Atlas, it  became over time the number one accessory of the Moroccan woman.

Among them, Rhita Sebti, an unconditional  shoelover. Having lived 10 years in Rome, Rhita  bathed in the world of Roman fashion.

In June 2016, Rhita Sebti  well motivated, wrote a new plan of the Babouche history launching her own line of Babouche mixing tradition and modernity adding a wedge sole which gives this slender and bold pace.

Her goal would be to make the Babouche a basic in our wardrobes.

Designed by Casablanca’s craftsmanship, Rhita Sebti’s Babouche are exclusively handmade and a 100% moroccan product.